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Dec 11, 2012 2:30pm PST
. >> as go to egypt where an army spokespersons as president mohammad morsi will take part in peace talks. >> they called for a national dialogue as both pro-am and anti-government forces gathered. they said they will decide whether to attend the talks. >> this comes ahead of a visit scheduled for saturday for a new constitution that the opposition says is it too was promised. -- too islamist. >> protesters preparing to breach the barriers. the president and the muslim brotherhood have alienated many egyptians saying the government does not reflect the country's diversity. egypt is too big for you to be president, says one sign. in tahrir square, people were injured after the gunman opened fire. this enraged many demonstrators. >> they attacked us from all sides. 13 or 14 people were injured including a young 13-year-old boy. >> these protesters refused to be intimidated. they planned to hit the streets in protest of saturday's planned constitutional referendum. they believe the constitution was pushed through by his islamist allies and they want to postpone the vote. >> all of these barr
Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
. mohammad morsi says the economy will be the number one priority. but the main opposition had said it rejects calls for more dialogue. he also believes the constitution will bring more stability and security. >> he says it is the beginning of a new era for egypt. the first time the country has had a constitution that has not been imposed by an occupier of king's or a president. he congratulated the people of egypt. he did also acknowledged that a lot of egyptians had voted against the constitution and he said that was a healthy find in the society and he says egypt is in the early stages of a democracy. for him, he says this is a point to bring stability back again. >> he's also talking about a national dialogue. there are so many people, despite the result, there are many people who do not like what he wants to do. >> very much so. there was earlier this afternoon another round of that dialogue, which the major opposition group did not take part in. there are very big bridges that mr. morsi us to try to build up the moment. the opposition has said it is going to continue to fight
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
president morsi. some are still maintaining a vigil outside. >> mohammad morsi, one of the biggest opponents of the old regime, is now holed up with the army protecting him inside the presidential palace while his opponents protest outside. >> increasingly, the jansing is calling for the president to go. -- of the chanting is calling for the president to go. >> we want his resignation and a constitution. we are protesting against morsi. >> but tonight, the president gave a defiant address on television. while calling for dialogue, he offered few concessions and blamed supporters of the old regime for the recent violence. >> my responsibility, as i define it, is to look after the s protect theter state institutions. i will carry on this duty respective of the pressures upon me. >> in the protests last night, six people died. it brought the crisis to a head. members of the opposition said the trouble started when supporters of the president at deliberately attacked protesters. members of his supporters said they were attacked by protesters. >> his presidency is completely discredited. he is no
Dec 18, 2012 7:00am EST
, offering resignation after just weeks on the job. appointed by president mohammad morsi after he awarded himself sweeping new powers. the effort comes after protests from members of the judiciary. still to come on "gmt," downing street was rolling up the red carpet for a special visitor. the queen drop in for a cabinet meeting. now, a play that re-enacted the famous meeting between the head of the imf and dominique -- and a chambermaid is in paris. our correspondent has been to see it. >> all resemblance to living characters is entirely intentional. to a to 06 is not a crew replay of that inappropriate sexual encounter in that manhattan hotel. more a look into the psychological motives of a man who may be dominicks strauss con. >> we have very little idea of what he is really like. everyone has his own fantasy of this man who is insidious, but no one has seen him in action. we have an image of him, but no one has seen him in private, so everyone has fantasy. >> it is a debate about male and female, rich against poor, western domination, and submission. all inspired by what the director s
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
. they are now protecting a beleaguered president morsi. some are still maintaining a vigil outside. >> mohammad morsi, one of the biggest opponents of the old regime, is now holed up with the army protecting him inside the presidential palace while his opponents protest outside. >> increasingly, the jansing is calling for the president to go. -- of the chanting is calling for the president to go. >> we want his resignation and a constitution. we are protesting against morsi. >> but tonight, the president gave a defiant address on television. while calling for dialogue, he offered few concessions and blamed supporters of the old regime for the recent violence. >> my responsibility, as i define it, is to look after the s protect theter state institutions. i will carry on this duty respective of the pressures upon me. >> in the protests last night, six people died. it brought the crisis to a head. members of the opposition said the trouble started when supporters of the president at deliberately attacked protesters. members of his supporters said they were attacked by protesters. >> his presidency
Dec 7, 2012 7:00pm EST
going to survive? is mohammad morsi going to survive this? >> i think he probably won't survive. this he's a gambler but he's a very bad gambler. the situation he set up is this. when he passed his decree calling for his own dictatorial powers he said they would only last as long as there was no constitution. then he presented the egyptian people with a constitution which was much more extreme than he had promised. and so he kind of figures you either take me as a dictator you take this constitution. what the egyptian people are saying, none of the above. we want plan c. >> that's the thing. the constitution, this referendum, is not that good. it has much more muslim brotherhood. it has much more dictatorial powers. it has much more shirea law than economic and legal and moral freedom, michael. that's what it seems to be. i don't see morsi retreating from that. >> you're absolutely right on that. look, it's no surprise the muslim brotherhood and islamists won the sweeping election at first because they have been in opposition for 80 years promising people the world. they promised them fr
Dec 2, 2012 3:00pm PST
and possible mudslides. >>> supporters of mohammad morsi blocked the high court from indefinitely suspending all court sessions. that would suspend a ruling on the drawing up of egypt's new constitution. president morsi declared his decisions are now immune from judicial oversight. >>> it is a frightening and deadly scene in japan. just look at this. at least two cars are still trapped inside a highway tunnel after a massive section of the concrete structure collapsed. police say they have already found several burned bodies inside the rubble about 50 miles west of tokyo. it is not clear what caused the tunnel to cave in or how many cars were inside at the time. >>> a thousand cars and trucks are stuck on a highway in russia after a major snowstorm caused a backup two days ago. a 30-mile stretch of roadway between moscow and st. petersburg is completely jammed with one lane open in each side. it is so bad that field kitchens have been set up. drivers are also running out of gas to keep their engines running in the subzero temperatures. >>> the double tragedy that stunned an nfl franchise and
Dec 1, 2012 9:45pm EST
's stateside. and what did it did for near east policy, the latest from egypt after president mohammad morsi granted himself hoarse above the court. washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public-service by your television provider. >> now secretary of state hillary clinton talks about her recent travels to the middle east to help broker a ceasefire agreement between israel and hamas and the gaza strip. she also, the iranian nuclear threat and criticizes israel's decision to build homes on israeli occupied lands. this is a little over an hour. [applause] >> i am somewhat overwhelmed, but i'm obviously thinking i should sit down. [laughter] i prepared some remarks for tonight, but then i thought maybe we could just watch that video a few more times. [laughter] and then the next time, i could count the hairstyles, which is one of my favorite pastimes. [laughter] i think i now know what it feels like to be one of haim's mighty morphin power rangers. [laughter] well, i guess we should expect nothing le
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 7:00pm EST
violentt today. president mohammad morsi dictatorship under threat. at least 100,000 egyptians broke through police lines and iron gates to reach the presidential palace before they were forced back by rioty police. demonstrations signaling momentum for the opposition ofo which put up at least 200,000 protesters last week. the riot the levels of protest in the so-called arab springs of february of 2011 when president mubarak was ousted. joining us now, colonel oliver north, military analyst,t host f "war stories, "the new york times" best seller, heroes proved and great to have you withr us. congratulations on the new book. i want to get to that in just a moment.o ge i want to get your reaction to what we are watching take place at the presidential palace in egypt. >> the good news is there are 100,000 people lefte in egypt that once the protest of aship dictatorship of sharia. that is what we will see them backing morsi and the regina. number two, to get crushed, the bad news is they will suppresso. this rebellion, they will suppress it with the help of police and the muslim brother
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm PST
or visit your local walgreens for more information. >>> in egypt, president mohammad morsi is calling for a referendum in two weeks on a controversial constitution. he made his appeals during a nationally televised speech today. the president's recent seizure of near absolute power has marred the legislative process and thrown the new democracy into turmoil. the constitution is approved by muslims but is widely opposed by secular and christian groups. morsi urged egyptians to participate in the december 15th referendum. >>> and despite a tragic shooting outside the kansas city chiefs training complex, the team is continuing its regular schedule. the chiefs will play their home game against the carolina panthers as scheduled tomorrow. starting linebacker jovan belcher shot and killed himself in front of his general manager and coach today. and earlier investigators say he killed his girlfriend. we'll have more on the story including what happened moments before the shooting coming up in sports in just about 15 minutes. >>> a clerical worker strike in southern california is nearly shut
Dec 1, 2012 8:00pm PST
a narrow victory. >> egypt's new constitution is in the hand of mohammad morsi.. tooling expectations on both sides it should go to the referendum. it will mark and other spread it towards a democracy but the recent seizure of absolute power has put the country interim oil toward however, this speech that was nationally televised senate this is a break in the democratic experience. >> north korea will watch and launch a missile towards space. the communist based culture happens analyzed its mistakes from its previous lunch. outside think that it is a long range missile. they say that this is a serious provocation and is warning that it could have a " strong response ". >> ford is recalling 2013 ford escape, for fusion because of a fire hazard. there has been reports of overheating and fires with the 1.6 l ego boost system. it is working on a way to fix that system but ford is asking for owners to contact the dealer as soon as possible. they will a range a loaner vehicle at no charge. >> coming up, these high donation bends. to find cover this money goes. in the next edition of these d
Dec 9, 2012 5:00am EST
the world this morning, a turnaround by egypt's president mohammad morsi. the leader announced he would annul a controversial decree that granted him sweeping powers. however, he's not backing down on a referendum on a draft scheduled for next weekend. >> egypt's vice president, flanked by notable figures, announced that president morsi rescinded a controversial degree. today president morsi met with members of opposition in an attempt to defuse the fallout from the decree that granted him sweeping powers. the president insisted a referendum on the draft will go ahead as planned next saturday. tonight the president said if the constitution is not approved next week, he will order the public to directly elect a new constituent assembly to write another constitution for the country. egyptian sources tell nbc news a man with links to -- the alleged leader of a militant cell involved in the attack that killed four americans on september 11 in benghazi. nbc news, cairo. >> venezuelan president hugo chavez is back in cuba for more treatment of cancer that has recurred. he announced he will ha
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
president mohammad morsi, anti-government demonstrators charged presidential supporters with rocks and molotov cocktails after being kicked off palace grounds. and now there are reports of masked men storming the headquarters of morsi's muslim brotherhood. reza sayah is in cairo. >> reporter: just a remarkable scene, where you have opponents of president morsi and supporters of president morsi locked in an incredibly tense stand-off. let's set the scene for you. that's the presidential palace over there. this is the main road that runs in front of the palace. these are some old train tracks that have divided this road on this side you have opponents of the president chanting anti-president, anti-government slogans. on that side, have you supporters. of the president. and in between you have scores of police officers. standing by doing their best to keep the calm. all right, we just had to make a run for it, because the clashes started to take place between supporters of the president and opponents. all of a sudden, rocks started flying. and there was a charge from one side. a lot o
Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
-government protests and violence, egyptian president mohammad morsi said he would form a new assembly to raid another constitution if the current draft is rejected. the major vote on december 15. the 30-minute speech courtesy of english. >> translator: i truly and rightfully feel responsible for the rights of the egyptian citizens. i also feel my duty toward him whether he is in support or opposing me. simply for the reason that my fellow citizens are one body. that cannot be separated or torn apart. without nidis tings, they cannot be separated and the face 77 security and safety. and well being. i repeat, they are not discriminated on the basis of religion, political affiliation or the stance adopted on either side. the recent incident, the painful ones, under a cover of political difference where it should in the first place be resolved by -- [inaudible] where it is reached to the interest of the homeland by coming down and responding to the will of the people. the will of the people, which for many years, many years of oppression, persecution, injustice, corruption, -- [inaudible] election, and u
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Dec 10, 2012 8:00am PST
contracts, upwards of billions of dollars but the arms shipment comes as egypt's new president, mohammad morsi, essentially cracks down on his opposition. in a move creating some say even more instability in this country. so is this a good idea to continue this type of aid? michael singh, former senior director of middle eastern affairs the national security council and washington institute for near east policy. michael, what do you think about that? >> jenna, you have to remember this aid dates back to the camp david accords between israel and egypt. theory behind the aid is longstanding it preserves the good relations between the pentagon and egyptian military especially at time of real chaos and crisis in egypt that those ties could come handy as they did during the 2011 revolution in egypt. second it assures egypt will adhere to the peace treaty in israel. whether you believe these things are true, jenna, depends, number one do you think the military is independent actor in egypt? or do you think now it is subjugated to the muslim brotherhood and president morsi? second do you think
Dec 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
and is going to give us special insight into the details of mohammad morsi, the muslim brotherhood and the quest to achieve a constitution. then, third, i am pleased to introduce and regretably to say farewell to ambassador cohen, he is the inaugural diplomat in's at the institute, and ambassador cohen served as israel's ambassador in egypt from 2005 to 2010 and has an on theground perspective and experience with the politics we're seeing on the ground in egypt today. so, first, steve, then eric, and then shalom. and then open up for your comments. >> good afternoon. it is a tremendous pleasure to be back at the washington institute. i find it to -- even though i've been abroad for eight years, i feel nervous, i feel like i'm performing for mr. first grade teacher again. but it's a great pleasure. this where is my career began, and also for those of you who know me but rob does, this where is my family began. i'm sure that many in washington know that rob -- they know rob as a defendant analyst of the middle east, an extraordinarily creative executive director of this august organi
Dec 7, 2012 5:00am EST
amidst another round of violent protests outside the presidential palace. mohammad marcy tried to calm his supporters with a national -- morsi try to calm his supporters with a national address. >> a navy veteran is behind bars after being accused of providing classified information. he. in federal court to face a spin -- and charges. the retired submarine warfare specialist try to give information on how to track u.s.submarines to undercover fbi agents claiming to be representatives of the russian federation. >> police say clarence tailored touched girls when they attended school between 2008 and 2010. they go to another school now. he is facing three melanie charges -- felony charges. president obama will be focusing on laws protecting children. this law doubles the maximum sentence for people convicted of possessing -- of possessing child pornography. it also adds more layers of protection for victims. >> 45 days -- 25 days from the fiscal cliff. >> the fiscal cliff is still three weeks away, but the economy may have already taken a hit. economists predict that the monthly jobs repo
Dec 8, 2012 9:00pm PST
and three americans died in the attack on the anniversary of september 11th. mohammad jamal is in your nou in custody. he admitted to traveling to libya and is member of the group that seejd the consulate. thousands of protestors protested morsi's power grab. 600 killed and 700 injured. but today he met with opposition leaders and announced a compromise. he gave up the additional powers and relented to most of protestors demands. the two sides in the u.s. important ally seemed to back away. >>> in san francisco, demonstrators rallied of president morsi's power grab. they didn't want him removed from office but his actions are not how a democracy should be run. >> not accepting what is done by president morsi. we wanted more equality for all egyptians not just the muslim brotherhood. >> some of the powers granted them, power to declare emergency laws and immunity to trials. >> state consumer advocates, shipment of toxic toys from china will not be used for gifts. they seized a shipment worth $18,000. the toys contain toxic levels of a chemical that is used the in making rubber and plastics.
Dec 1, 2012 9:00am PST
a march on the presidential palace. and some protesters tell us they will topple morsi. if they do that, that's very unlikely. the opposition leader, like nobel peace prize laureate mohammad al beredi said they want strictly peaceful civil disobedience. but it's stuck between a rock and a hard place. if opposition comes out and boycotts the referendum it risks being left out. if it organizes a no vote and loses it will be severely weakened. even if the opposition wins and egyptians reject this draft constitution, morsi can start the process all over again and stay in power another five or six months. the bottom line is that morsi and the muslim brotherhood are holding most of the cards here. >> thank you very much from cairo. >>> a potential big fight for the department of defense as it is being sued by members of the armed oses. four female soldiers who served tours in iraq or afghanistan have filed a federal lawsuit on tuesday trying to force the pentagon to end a ban on women serving in combat jobs. joining me is major mary jennings hagar,a pilot with the california air national guar
Dec 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
president morsi, do you think the situation would be any different if there was a different president? i mean, there was so much talk of mohammad al baredy, if he would have been president? >> we really don't know what the real answer to this is. we do know that the liberals split their votes. they split their vote in the first round of the elections. and you ended up with this odd outcome. you ended up in the second round, the ultimate round, with a man from the mubarak years against the muslim brotherhood. so i think it was really the liberals, the constitutionalists, the secularists who really divided their own ranks and made their own life very difficult. >> it seems like the whole region in north africa, the middle east is the in turmoil right now. is this still the arab spring we're talking about or have we moved on to something totally different? >> well, i think, you know me, wolf, i am true blue to this arab spring. i believe in this democratic wave. it's very difficult. i think we're witnessing in many ways, and it's not really spin that i say here. we're witnessing the delayed
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)